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Don't miss this Special Weekend Workshop

Sydney - August 11 & 12, 2018

Sat August 11 - Cert I: Essential Practice   *   Sun August 12 - Cert II: Practitioner I

Mirroring Hands is the natural progression

for those who have been working with Mindfulness

and in the fields of promoting mental and emotional health.

Past workshop feedback:

"Fantastic! Fun! Engagingly delightful easy to follow process"

"Richard is very engaging as a presenter"

"Brilliant, enjoyable, stimulating"

"Excellent workshop - empowering"

Day 1 - Cert I: Essential Practice

Day 2 - Cert II: Practitioner I


(Scroll down for daily session

details and learning objectives)


Certificate of Attendance for 12 CEU hours

Standard 2-day fee - $425

Special Group fee - $350

(as per group email invitation)

Richard Hill teaches this therapeutic technique and approach over 2 days, August 11th and 12th, 2018, in Sydney.

Mirroring hands takes you and the client the next step toward healing and resolution by utilizing the connection between the outer and inner self to stimulate our natural problem-solving and mind-body healing. Mindfulness has emerged to help us re-locate our sense of safety, peace and self connection, which can be broken by both personal trauma and difficulty, and by the disruptive difficulties of the modern world.

Feedback about the Mirroring Hands process:

"...brilliant in its simplicity and elimination of the unnecessary, yet complex beyond belief in the results it can engender." Bill O'Hanlon

" elegant and rapid and effective way to guide a client to meaningful changes." Em Prof. Rubin Battino

"...a powerful concept...The clinical applications are both well grounded in science and accessible." Laurence Sugarman

Richard Hill has facilitated and expanded this guide to using Mirroring Hands that makes it accessible for all. This method can eliminate any resistance you may encounter in the change process and evoke deep inner wisdom, often in a very short time.

Bill O'Hanlon, author of Solution-Oriented Hypnosis and Do One Thing Different

Also For Sale -

Certificate I – Essential Practice


The Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands:

A Client-Responsive Therapy that Facilitates

Natural Problem-solving and Mind-Body Healing

by Richard Hill and Ernest Rossi


Session 1 – The Natural Rhythms and Cycles

We explore and re-establish our awareness of the best ways of being. We will learn about natural problem-solving capacities both individually and in relationship with the client.

Session 2 – The Wonders in Our Hands

We begin the process of learning and experience how we can utilize the hands to open a connection to the inner self. Practical exercises will introduce the framework of the Mirroring hands experience followed by a demonstration.

Session 3 – The Language and The Silence of Mirroring Hands.

We explore the powerful effect of using only as much language as the client needs in order to begin problem solving and healing processes. More experiential work with different aspects of Mirroring Hands will deepen your felt experience of the practice.

Session 4 – A Client Responsive Therapeutic Approach

Through experiential exercises we will explore the important client responsive approach of sensitive observation and therapy emerging as a response to the client, rather than a direction or even suggestion. A final group exercise will prepare you for the way you choose to utilise Mirroring Hands beyond the workshop.

Learning Objectives:

The overall objective is to learn the essential elements of the Mirroring Hands approach and therapeutic practice. This includes:

  • How to introduce and induce a client to the process

  • The 4-Stage creative cycle and The natural Ultradian Rhythm

  • How to facilitate the client’s natural problem solving and mind-body healing

  • The language and silence of Mirroring Hands

  • Appreciation of “sensitive observation”

  • The meaning and value of a client-responsive approach


This full day workshop will lay the foundations for both the practical application and conscious understanding of what is involved in Mirroring Hands. It is the first step in becoming a master practitioner of Mirroring Hands and to become fully engaged in the traditions of Milton Erickson and Ernest Rossi that are the foundation for this unique practice.

Certificate II – Practitioner I


The Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands:

A Client-Responsive Therapy that Facilitates

Natural Problem-solving and Mind-Body Healing 

by Richard Hill and Ernest Rossi


Session 1 – Ideodynamic Responses - motor/sensory/affect

We begin with reflections of the first workshop, then we explore the nature of the ideomotor response, expanding out to the many other ways messages are sent from the implicit world to explicit awareness. This includes experiential activities

Session 2 – Comfort and the Growing Edge

We consider the concept of comfort and strength, first in discussion and then through a group Mirroring hands activity. A demonstration by Richard and an appropriate member of the group will be followed by reflective discussion.

Session 3 – Practice

We begin with the application of specific forms in groups of three and then move to an unregulated facilitation of Mirroring Hands between pairs.

Session 4 – Advanced Use and Application

Mirroring Hands is an improvised experience based on the technical principles. This final practical session brings together and integrates what has been learnt to allow each person the opportunity to discover what stage of applying Mirroring Hands they have reached.

Learning Objectives:

The overall objective is to learn how to utilise the Mirroring Hands approach in therapeutic practice. This includes:

  • How to be sensitive to the variety of ideodynamic responses

  • The nature of comfort and how comfort facilitates strength

  • Discovering your growing edge and exploring your best way to practice

  • Learning to trust improvisation of technique

  • Observing a demonstration

  • Understand advanced use and application of Mirroring Hands in clinical situations.


This full day workshop prepares the participant for the practical application of Mirroring Hands with the client in mind. There is a greater focus on experiential work in order to begin to appreciate how Mirroring Hands can be implemented in to your professional practice and how the Mirroring Hands Approach can be integrated with your current therapeutic practices to enhance what you already do.

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