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London, UK - April 25 & 26, 2020

Sat April 25 - Cert I: Essential Practice   *   Sun April 26 - Cert II: Practitioner I

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International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners

Mirroring Hands is the approach and associated technique developed by Ernest Rossi from his work with Milton Erickson. Richard Hill is Ernest Rossi's co-author who has continued to develop the approach with Rossi.

What does Mirroring Hands DO?

The Mirroring Hands Approach and technique enables both therapist and client:

  • to rapidly establish a therapeutically consciousness relationship

  • to work safely with trauma, fear and negative affect

  • to help the client overcome resistance

  • to allow the session to continue even when the issue is "not known" or not wanted to be spoken out loud.

  • to connect the explicit problem with the client's implicit natural problem solving skills

  • to co-create the therapeutic experience through client-responsiveness

  • to enable the client to make important and major breakthroughs in their own way and in their own time

  • to utilize ideodynamic responses as feedback throughout the session

  • to take the therapy to places neither the client or therapist expected or could predict.

  • to continue working implicitly beyond the session in sync with the client's natural ultradian rhythm

It is suitable for everyone in the field of mental and emotional health.

We welcome - therapists, counselors, coaches, lay practitioners and

all those who want to improve their lives - you are all invited!



Past workshop feedback:

"Fantastic! Fun! Engagingly delightful easy to follow process"

"Richard is very engaging as a presenter"

"Brilliant, enjoyable, stimulating"

"Excellent workshop - empowering"

Day 1 - Cert I: Essential Practice

Day 2 - Cert II: Practitioner I

Day 3 - Cert III: Advanced Practice

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Certificate of Attendance for 12 CEU hours

£250 for Cert I & II

+ £125 for Day 3

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London, UK

June 29 - June 30

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Richard Hill teaches this therapeutic technique and approach over 2 days, April 25 & 26, 2020, London plus a 3rd day for Cert III - Advanced Practice April 27

Just completed day 2 of the Mirroring Hands Practitioner training with Richard Hill today.After spending two intensive days exploring consciousness, neurobiology and gene expression, complex adaptive systems, self-organisation, creative cycles, attractors and disruptors, linguistics, circadian and ultradian cycles, possibility and probability fields and emergence; my mind is buzzing with the possibilities of how to use this unique process to facilitate deep transformative change with groups and individuals.

Paul Mischel

Feedback about the Mirroring Hands process:

"...brilliant in its simplicity and elimination of the unnecessary, yet complex beyond belief in the results it can engender." Bill O'Hanlon

" elegant and rapid and effective way to guide a client to meaningful changes." Em Prof. Rubin Battino

"...a powerful concept...The clinical applications are both well grounded in science and accessible." Laurence Sugarman

Richard Hill has facilitated and expanded this guide to using Mirroring Hands that makes it accessible for all. This method can eliminate any resistance you may encounter in the change process and evoke deep inner wisdom, often in a very short time.

Bill O'Hanlon, author of Solution-Oriented Hypnosis and Do One Thing Different

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