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Revealing the "elephant in the room" that no-one seems to talk about

"Live" presentation made when touring with "Patch" Adams

Learn about:

  • the 8 Differences

  • the 7 Demons

  • how the 'real world' can drive us crazy

  • and how to turn that all around in simple ways

Base on the book "How the 'real world" Is Driving Us Crazy!" (available on the For Sale page)

Your Amazing Brain Richard Hill

The Neuroscience of You

  • The facts are great, but what does it mean for me?
  • How do I apply this knowledge to my day-to-day life?
  • What can I create with my Amazing Brain?

26 videos - all free to view

For therapists and all those generally interested in neuroscience. Although technical in foundation the focus is on how the knowledge can be applied in both professional practice and daily life.

Mindscience TV Richard Hill

Webinar conversations with the informed and the interesting

Richard talks with colleagues and friends from neuroscience, psychotherapy and beyond

  • Bonnie Badenoch

  • John Arden

  • Paul J Leslie

  • Robert Rosenbaum

  • Dawson Church

  • and more...

Beat Procrastination Richard Hill

Free eBook Downloads

Based on the Beat Procrastination video program available For Sale.

3 unique eBooks that introduce important information to help you understand and resolve procrastination

  • How to Get Things Done and not just micro-manage

  • Spotting the warning signs and breaking the cycle

  • Understanding the role of fear, lack of confidence and low self esteem

For Sale

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