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Personal Counselling and Online

Psychotherapy Richard Hill

Personal and private counselling are the most important part of my work and the foundation of the MindScience Institute – helping people by putting knowledge into practice.

I follow a solution oriented, positive psychology approach. Many people are familiar with those terms now. More specifically I apply a curiosity oriented approach that is constantly seeking to create new possibilities and seek out beneficial change.

Face to face appointments can be made at The Davis Health Centre, Gordon in the northern suburbs of Sydney or ay Pyrmont near the City of Sydney. Appointments can be made by email – 

or by calling the clinic on (02) 9498 1997.

Online sessions over the web are available if it is too difficult for you to attend in person. A unique Zoom meeting room can be created for your session. Appointments can be made by email – 

Therapy begins and ends with your needs. My training is oriented to working with you in a mutual relationship to achieve what you seek. I’ve studied the neuroscience and the psychotherapy for you to utilise. Together we can create a change for the better.


756 Pacific Highway

Gordon, NSW 2072


Tel: (61 2) 9498 1997

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