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Mirroring Hands Level 1

The learning video(s) for the each week will be posted shortly after the online session. The recording of the online session will be posted as soon as possible after the weekly session. Transcripts may be posted beneath the online session video if available.


Week 1

What is the Mirroring Hands experience? What does it feel like to receive? What does it feel like to give? We explore the experience and start to build our awareness through practical exercises and through a discussion of the history of Mirroring Hands from Erickson to Rossi to now.


Week 2

One of the most unasked questions of a client is whether they are ready to enter into a deeper conversation with their inner being.  We will learn how to ask the Basic Accessing Question and learn from the client's inner being when the time is right to delve deeper

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Week 3

We shift from practice to learning about the natural processes at the foundation of the Mirroring Hands approach. Understanding our connection to life's natural cycles and rhythms heightens our sensitivity to our client, ourselves and to the co-creative experience between.


Week 4

We have learned the "how" and the "what", but the application of "when" depends on our sensitivity, in-the-moment, to notice the "creative moments" that a client reveals and also those that rise into our awareness as our own creative moments. This is the most important elements of the MH approach.


Week 5

We turn our attention to how we can use the Mirroring Hands practice and approach in our own lives. We explore how to do practice Mirroring Hand as a self-practice and how clients can safely use MH on their own, especially in moments of anxiety, distress, pain or discomfort.

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Week 6

To complete Level 1, Richard will meet with each of you, privately, to address your needs and as yet unanswered questions about the practice, the approach, and how you might incorporate Level 1 learnings into your practice and your life. We will book these sessions depending on our mutual needs.

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