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Mirroring Hands
Live Online Course

First ever 6 week live online program

Level 1



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Presented by Richard Hill,
Co-author with Ernest Rossi
(in English)

This is the first of 3 Levels - Level 1 & 2 online - Level 3 at an in-person workshop. Richard brings the book and experiences with Ernest Rossi to life through 5 live 90 minute online lessons, additional video lessons and a final one-on-one 45 minute session - held over 6 consecutive weeks. Learn the practice, understand the approach and feel for yourself how Mirroring Hands is effective for every client and every need. Learn how to connect and collaborate with the client in ways that amplify the effectiveness of any technique. Learn from Ernest Rossi's apprentice, student and co-author in a group of no more than 20.

3 International Timezone Groups
Europe (EU); Americas (US); Australasia (AUS)
Over 6 consecutive weeks

Over 6 consecutive weeks, starting Tuesday, September 26

3 groups based on timezone -

Europe (EU) UK - 6.30pm  * America (US) Pacific - 5pm * Australasia (AUS) Sydney - 8pm

(Tuesday Evening for everyone - please adjust above times to your local timezone)

Week 1-5: 5 weekly 90 min. live online sessions plus 5 extra training videos

Week 6 - A one-on-one personal 45 minute session with Richard

Limited numbers: Max 20 - Min 10 in each timezone group

Total cost -  US$345

(billing is done in AUD - your credit card will automatically convert to your currency

- local currency equivalent - e.g. AUD$525 * £270 * €315)

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Yes, I am keen to learn more and, for now, reserve a place.
Please identify your region in the message
EU, US, or AUS

Your place is reserved. Full details and payment details coming soon :)

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