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Conference, Seminar & Consulting Services


It is rare to come across someone who is as comfortable with one person as he is with 1000, to be able to listen attentively, and teach a wide scope of topics. It is even rarer for someone to be able to deliver a speech and be equally capable to use music and song.


Richard is a one of those rare talents.

  • holds several Masters degrees

  • is an author of multiple books

  • travels the globe as a lecturer

  • teaches equally effectively to academics, business people, the general public and young people

  • was a professional actor and presenter for over 20 years

  • an internationally awarded singer songwriter

  • is able to play several musical instruments


Richard brings all this experience to you and your business.

See for yourself

Speaker - Motivator

Richard is the perfect speaker for every occasion. His presentations are always based on the cutting edge of knowledge, delivered with passion and conviction. His original thinking is no better examples than in his Curiosity Approach which is already the topic of numerous publications. Innovation, design thinking, and creative growth all stem from creating the best state of mind.


One of the most difficult times is when people are in dispute. Who is saying what and what did they really mean? Bringing in an external communications expert can be like oil on troubled waters. Richard's experience in linguistics, drama and psychotherapy create a mediator who extracts the best solution in even the worst situation.

Personal Coach

Sometimes a manager or executive needs more than just training, they need a one-on-one coach who can focus on their individual needs as a vital member of the team. Discovering and unleashing the power of an individual is one of the best investments a business can make. Richard works with all levels of a business, from boardroom to shop floor - they are all populated by people, and finding the best in people is Richard's specialty.

Dianne Green, Director, Visionled - Design of Thinking: Sydney & Tokyo.

Richard brings you from the shadow out into the light, he connects the pieces, and makes it appear so simple…user friendly… he gets you to the heart of the issue without pain.

Kirke Olson, Psy.D., Director, The Positivity Company, educator, author: Henniker, NH, USA

Richard has a keen ability to offer ideas based in brain science that open minds and increase creativity thinking. He can simultaneously see the forest and the tree, then suggest options I had never considered.

Craig Jarman, Director, Zebra Lounge: Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

Something surprising always happens when I invite Richard’s brain into my thinking.

Evan Katz, Director, The AG Institute, Media Consultant, Writer: San Diego, CA, USA

I talk to Richard about what I am thinking, then he suggests a few things, and suddenly my mind opens up. I love it.

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