*Mirroring Hands Community*


The Foundations of Mirroring Hands Video Training Program

       A 6-hour certificate course (professional education).

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I began doing Mirroring Hands with excellent result after reading the book by Hill and Rossi. These videos have given me much more confidence and filled some gaps in my understanding.  - Mike Mandel

Well thought out,  excellent course work, quizzes, and background materials. - Jeff Bliss


Great value and very informative. Highly recommend taking this course. - Maggie Jones

This course is so reflective of what I think the future of therapy looks like, with its high regard for the individual and their capacity to evolve their own life solutions.  -Linnaea Marvell

Group demonstration for all to share - led by Richard

Sample of questions from Australasia:

  • How do we record video and audio for personal review and to send to clients?

  • Do you use music in sessions?

  • Are other techniques like "The Swan" and "Parts" similar or different from MH?

Sample of questions from Europe:

  • Are other therapies client-responsive and if not, what is the difference?

  • What do we do if the client doesn"t want to do or continue with MH?

  • Do you have guidelines for therapist's body language?

Sample of questions from the Americas:

  • I tend to start in a particular way, but you seem to be very organic. How do you do that?

  • Can you use MH with people close to you?

  • How does MH work with pain issues?