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What therapists want to know.   To expand at your Growing Edge.

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Mirroring Hands Training Richard Hill
A beautiful technique developed by Ernest Rossi PhD. and the subject of the new book from Hill and Rossi.
Richard is personally approved to teach by Dr Rossi.
A therapeutic approach that can be used by all therapists. It utilizes focused attention and opens up the client to their inner processes process which enables the vital inner work of therapy to be stimulated.
Curiosity Approach training Richard Hill
CURIOSITY – a fundamental aspect of therapy and life that we all know of, but actually know so little about. What is it? How do we utilise it in therapy?
The "3 Essentail Actions" establish an approach that leads to resolution in all situations. We learn several simple new techniques and processes that can create a beneficial shift.
Curiosity Approach Intensive
An intensive 2 days delving into the therapeutic practice and personal transformation. Curiosity is not divisible, but can be seen in 3 ways – what we don’t know; play; and possibility/meaning. We learn the Curiosity techniques of Arbitrary Mental Mapping and the Open Book. As well as how to heighten personal sensitivity and observation.
Psychosocial Genomics Training
Understanding the Mind-Body connection and what happens within us and the client during therapy and beyond. We explore the world of gene expression and epigenetics and how this relates to the practice of therapy. Learn about unique research on how therapy turns on genes to generate healing and well being. Technical knowledge is balanced by creative processes that bring the theory to life. A unique event!
Suicide Prevention Richard Hill
A 2 Day program that delves into all matters of suicide awareness, managing the suicidal person and the vital aspect of prevention through removing and resolving risk factors and creating a better foundation for life. Help is also shown for families and friends.
Psychotherapist Training Richard Hill
What do we really know about the lives of others - to be in their shoes, their feelings, their skin, their mysteries? Explore the deep nature of our ‘many selves’ through acting out the lives of others. Not just role play, but delving within to your goodie and baddie; the happy and the sad; the wondrous and the mysterious. The great playwrights have prepared the “manuals”. All you need do is to creatively participate in the experience!
Neuroscience in Therapy Richard Hill
Neuroscience 101 – Day 1 of 3 parts. Take one day or all three. We know so little about the organ we treat. 101 covers the architecture, structures and functions of the brain AND practical insights into improving therapy.
Neuroscience in Therapy 2 Richard Hill
Neuroscience 201 – Day 2 looks at the disorders of emotion – depression, anxiety, anxiety – and the most important knowledge for therapy of the last decade – Memory Reconsolidation. Dramatically improve the effectiveness of your preferred style of therapy.
Neuroscience in Therapy 3 Richard Hill
Neuroscience 301 – Day 3 looks at the disorders of biology – schizophrenia, MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers – and also the therapeutic benefit of lifestyle and talk therapy in conjunction with medication. There is a lot we can do.
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