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Richard Hill

Managing Editor of

The Science of Psychotherapy


Chief Educational Director of

The Science of Psychotherapy

Matthew Dahlitz

Editor-in-Chief of

The Science of Psychotherapy

Chief Executive Office of

The Science of Psychotherapy



Sometimes life is too much

Sometimes we feel sad or stressed

Sometimes we need to understand what's inside

Sometimes we need help

Personal, private counselling and life  coaching is the most important part of my work. The counselor's task is to help people find their own natural problem solving and mind-body healing. It's what we create together that creates the change. See more...


The purpose of training is not to learn every technique, but to draw close those things that have a natural rhythm, resonance and profundity with you…

My workshops and lectures are available for individuals, groups, organizations and conference organizers. Book into a scheduled program, or register your interest for a future presentation, or send an invitation to bring a workshop to your location. See more...


It is not during practice, but what we do in between practice that creates the skill and hones the craft

Supervision is available for practitioners as counsellors, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists (ACA, AHA and ASCH). It is important to work on how to imporve practice with clients and also look after your own health and well-being. Burn out is a serious problem for people in therapeutic practice. We can help resolve those issues before they start.   see more...


I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.

Woodrow Wilson – US President 1913-1921


A good business provides quality training to management and staff for better skills that are at the cutting edge of knowledge. There is a lot of information on how to do business, but not much on the interpersonal engagement between the people of business. If your people have brains and hearts, then  see more...

Richard Hill


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Richard is a practicing psychotherapist who also writes and teaches to the profession. He works from the Davis Health Centre in Sydney, Australia with his wife, Susan Davis. Teaching takes Richard around the world where he is best known for his expertise in the neuroscience of psychotherapy and how this helps us better understand the struggles we face with mental health and well being.

People have come to see Richard for many reasons, from emotional issues like anxiety and depression, to managing psychobiological struggles in association with psychiatric treatment, to helping heal relationships and assist with the daily difficulties of life. He has learned from the best and is proud to be mentored by the eminent therapist Ernest Rossi, PhD, who was himself mentored by the one of the absolute greats, Milton H Erickson. Richard's latest book, written with Ernest Rossi about his innovative technique, Mirroring Hands, is a landmark achievement. Richard has also authored How the 'real world' Is Driving Us Crazy! and Choose Hope.

There is much more to Richard's story. Follow the link below to more...

A film by Jachin Dahlitz - see more of his work

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